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The Dumb Stick is a trailer/hitch /tow bar that you attach to the back of your bike to haul your kayak, canoe or wagon.


Kayak Cart is not included. See all of our kayak and canoe carts at www.keywestpaddlesports.com


The Dumb Stick

The Dumb Stick  bicycle trailer / tow bar enables your bike to safely transport your kayak, canoe or wagon with ease.

  •  Takes only seconds to install!
  •  Lightweight, and it is designed to remain on your bicycle when not in use.
  •  Fun and easy to use!
  •  Hauls kayaks, canoes, groceries, using your bicycle and your cart.
  •  One of the safest ways of transporting goods by bicycle!
  •  Recommended  maximum tongue weight of 35lb/16kg for ease of cycling.
  •  Made from durable materials for years of use.
  •  33 inches long so it clears all back bike tires.
  •  Freely swivels making turning and tracking super easy.
  •  Optional spacer keeps the Dumb Stick in place.
  •  Super strong spring clip connector  for easy attaching and detaching.
  •  Fits standard seat posts to 1 1/8 inch round.
  •  Keystone wholesale pricing.
  •  Quick Shipping
  •  Drop Shipping available
  • Proudly made by Key West Paddle Sports in the USA
  • Available in 4 vibrant colors
  • NO minimum orders required for dealers
  • We offer an excellent  dealers drop ship program to your online customers.

                                                  red      green     blue       black




       Shown in Black              Shown in Green               Shown in Blue


ATTENTION:  INTERNATIONAL BUYERS   The cost for 1 dumbstick including shipping to the UK or Australia is $99.00 U.S.... Once you have completed your purchase, You will be sent a separate invoice for the additional postage due.


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Make your bicycle into a kayak or canoe trailer by easily attaching the Dumb Stick and your own cart.  Haul your groceries, golf cart, wagon, or any other cart with two wheels.  Wagon cart, wagon hauler, wagon trailer. Easily attaches through your bike seat post. Bicycle trailer, grocery hauler, Dumb Stick makes it easy to haul your kayak or canoe.  Easily attaches to your bike in seconds.  Easily attaches to your bicycle for hauling of your favorite carts. Go to the beach and haul your beach chairs behind your bike with the Dumb Stick tow bar