The Dumb Stick Kayak Bicycle Tow Bar

The #1 selling bicycle kayak tow bar in the world since 1995. 

Easily tow your kayak behind your bicycle.

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Created by kayakers for kayakers


The Dumb Stick was created to fill a need in the kayaking community. We got tired of  carrying our kayaks from our beach house  to the water which was about 1/4 mile away. So we went to work to create an easier way. After many proto types, we came up with the Dumb Stick..... Since 1995, we have sold over 20,000 Dumb Sticks all over the world. 

Built in the USA from a strong Poly material, the Dumb Stick is durable and wont rust or rot.


Inexpensive, easy to use and will last for years. 3 reasons why the Dumb Stick has been  the number 1 selling bicycle, kayak tow bar in the world for more than  20 years. 

Tried and True


Since 1995, we have sold thousands of Dumb Sticks all over the world, making it the GO TO way to tow your kayak with your bicycle. Professional Kayaking & Canoeing enthusiasts who kayak Canada and other countries have featured us in their blogs and videos. 

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